Tattoo Appointments


I am currently booking in 2 month blocks. 

I've tried to keep a waitlist in the past, I've tried to have someone help me with emails, but neither worked out great. So far this is my best solution to get in as many people as possible. If you've been waiting to get tattooed, thank you for your patience.

I am currently full through May, will being booking for June and July at the end of May.

Because I'm always taking on new projects, usually with tight timelines, it's hard to book out any further than that. 

If you need to book out a date farther than that, please wait to email until I'm booking for the month you are interested in. I don't keep a waitlist outside of 2 month blocks.

So, if you are interested in getting tattooed February or March, please email


-subject matter - I have lots of designs I'd like to tattoo, I'm also open to your ideas

-size/placement -how big, and where on your body you want it.

-time you are available

-if you have a budget, you can let me know so I can factor that in. I charge $175/hr and if you need a quote for price, I can give you an idea once I have your idea worked up. Jackson Street Tattoo is CASH ONLY, so please plan accordingly.